18 March 2024

Gazelles of Business 2023

In light of the challenging times brought about by the pandemic, the optimism and determination of Polish companies continue to shine against the backdrop of economic reality. On March 18th of this year, at the Warsaw Hilton Hotel, the gala concluding the 24th edition of the prestigious Gazelles of Business ranking took place. This was the first meeting of laureates after a hiatus forced by the pandemic, giving the event a unique character and symbolic significance.

Zbigniew Maleska, leading Doktorvolt, was recognized as the laureate of the 24th edition of Gazelles of Business. This distinction not only underscores the achievements of the company but also symbolizes the determination and strength of the Polish SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) sector.

Over 500 entrepreneurs – laureates of the Gazelles of Business 2023 ranking – gathered to participate in this prestigious gala. This event is not only an opportunity to appreciate achievements but also a platform for exchanging experiences, ideas, and collectively celebrating successes.

The Gazelles of Business ranking stands out in that it is created solely using financial data, specifically the revenue growth achieved over three years. Particularly interesting, considering the difficulties of the years 2020-2022, is the record-long list of laureates. This is a clear signal that the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) sector in Poland has proven to be resilient and resistant even to the toughest challenges.

The Gazelles of Business Gala not only rewards achievements but also emphasizes the strong bonds and community among Polish entrepreneurs. This exceptional event not only speaks to the successes of individual companies but also to the power and potential of the Polish economy.

This event not only demonstrates how much can be achieved in difficult times but also inspires further development and the creation of new, innovative solutions. The Gazelles of Business Gala 2023 is not just a business celebration but also proof that Polish entrepreneurship is built on solid foundations and has unlimited development possibilities.