04 March 2024

Innovative Solutions for the Future of Energy

On March 3rd, 2024, one of the most anticipated trade fairs, Light+Building, began in Frankfurt. This event attracts worldwide attention, bringing together representatives of the most innovative companies in the lighting, building automation, and energy sectors. Among them, we also find ourselves, Doktorvolt.

The Mission of Doktorvolt at the Light+Building Trade Fair

Our participation in the Light+Building trade fair is an ideal opportunity to showcase the latest technological achievements and establish connections with partners and clients from around the world. We will present a range of innovative products and solutions.

Meetings and Discussions

During the Light+Building 2024 trade fair, Doktorvolt not only showcases its products but also actively participates in numerous industry discussions and meetings.

Doktorvolt’s participation in the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt 2024 is a significant step towards promoting innovative energy solutions on a global scale. These trade fairs are an excellent opportunity for exchanging experiences, establishing contacts, and promoting the idea of sustainable development, which forms the foundation of Doktorvolt’s activities.