May 22, 2023.

July 12, 2022, is an important date for DOKTORVOLT company. It marks the official commencement of construction work related to the office building and expansion of the warehouse facility.

The construction of an office building is an incredibly fascinating process, especially during the phase that involves the installation of innovative solutions and modern technologies. From design to execution, each stage is crucial in creating an efficient and employee-friendly work environment.

An important aspect of modern office building construction is also the focus on the health and comfort of employees. Implementing innovative solutions in terms of acoustics, optimizing lighting conditions, ergonomic workstations, and relaxation areas contributes to increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

Innovative information and communication technologies are a crucial part of a modern office building. Intelligent building management systems allow for monitoring and control of various parameters, such as energy consumption, air quality, and security. These technologies enable efficient management and optimization of building operations, leading to improved sustainability, occupant comfort, and safety.

Modern ventilation

In the new office building, we will have access to modern ventilation provided by HG hava devices. HG hava is the largest distributor of heat recovery ventilators and ventilation units in Poland.

Heat recovery ventilation, or HRV, is a process of recovering heat from the air generated inside a building and using it to heat the fresh air from outside. It is an innovative solution that improves energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

During the operation of an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system, the exhaust air from the building passes through a heat exchanger. At the same time, fresh air from outside is conducted through the other side of the heat exchanger. This process allows for the transfer of heat from one air stream to the other, resulting in the recovery of a significant portion of thermal energy.

There are several benefits that can be achieved through heat recovery ventilation. Firstly, it reduces energy costs. HRV systems allow for the recovery of heat that would otherwise be lost during ventilation, leading to a reduction in energy consumption needed for heating or cooling fresh air. This results in lower energy bills.

Another advantage is the improvement of indoor air quality. With HRV, pollutants and humidity can be removed from the exhaust air, and then clean fresh air from outside can be supplied.

It’s great to know that the company’s employees will be able to experience the comfort of working in such innovative and eco-friendly solutions.