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Safeguarding under transparent flap

Power distributor consider test requirements by DIN 61439-3

Why our power distributors?

Our distribution boxes have the best of all Europe:

Mennekes Sockets

Lapp Cable

Safeguarding 10kA with VDE Certificate

Residual-current circuit breaker 10kA TYP. A

Professional PCE IP67 waterproof housing

sockets manufacturer Mennekes
wires manufacturer Lapp Kabel
housing manufacturer PCE IP67
CEE sockets amount 1x 32A 5P 400V IP67 red type 240A Mennekes
1x 16A 5P 400V IP67 red type 228A Mennekes
protected with SEZ’s MCBs:
1x C16A 10kA 3P SEZ
1x C32A 10kA 3P SEZ
230V 16A sockets amount 2x 230V 16A 2p+E IP68 blue Schuko type 10808 german system type F Mennekes
protected with SEZ’s MCBs:
2x C16A 10kA 1P SEZ
protection against direct contact
insulated busbar 3-phase 8-modules 12mm2
equipment set of mounting screws with caps
2x Weidmüller ZEW 35/2 end breaker 8mm beige
nominal voltage 230/400V AC 50Hz
nominal current 80A
protection degree IP67
Icc ≤ 10kA
RDF 0,7
dimensions 370x298x228mm
manufacturer Doktorvolt
Article-No. DV-9542-D
EAN 5903260279542