03. December 2020

E-commerce in Poland undoubtedly offers great opportunities. We can safely say that the COVID-19 pandemic boosts the development of Internet sales, which is the only chance for many companies to survive. The electrical wholesaler Preis-Zone, which is a distributor of Doktorvolt products, cannot complain about failures. On the contrary, we would like to boast of our partner’s Business e-Gasel 2020 title. Once again, the hard work and effort has been appreciated, this is the second such distinction in an independent e-commerce ranking.

Customers more and more often choose to buy over the Internet, it is certainly in many respects a more convenient way to supply our households or companies. In order to meet such needs, our partners do their best to make the online shop clear and intuitive for everyone, and most of all to make sure that customers find what they are looking for. As you know, the demand on the market is constantly changing, so it is important to increase the shop’s assortment. The Preis-Zone team are professionals who focus on comprehensive and professional customer service, with an individual approach, which has also been recognised by Trusted Shops’ high ratings. They won 176th place in the national ranking. This result, which is very satisfactory, also provides motivation to implement new ideas and solutions.