June 2, 2023

The Renewable Energy Sources picnic took place on May 27th (Saturday) in Kalety, Silesia.

The picnic dedicated to Renewable Energy Solutions (pol. OZE) garnered significant interest from the local community.

The event aimed to promote and educate about sustainable development, energy efficiency, and various forms of renewable energy sources.

During the picnic, there were presentations by exhibitors, interactive demonstrations, and booths featuring eco-friendly technologies.

Topics related to electromobility, which has been gaining increasing interest, were also discussed during the picnic.

The advent of electromobility will bring significant changes to our traditional modes of transportation. Consequently, the interest in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations is growing month by month.

Doktorvolt showcased their entire range of products, with a particular focus on electric vehicle charging stations. There were also tests conducted on charging electric vehicles using resources from the State Forests and the Częstochowa University of Technology.