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In recent years, electromobility has become the most significant trend in the field of transportation. It’s no wonder that more and more people are opting to replace their cars with significantly more environmentally friendly models

Having a portable charger for an electric car is the key to freedom while traveling, eliminating any concerns about the availability of charging stations. Without relying on existing charging infrastructure along the route, travelers can independently find convenient places to charge, allowing for full independence and flexibility in their journey.

The Mobile Wallbox is a sophisticated combination of the benefits of a traditional Wallbox with mobility and user-friendly simplicity. Its portability is a significant feature, allowing users to easily utilize charging wherever they are located.


Our mobile charging station (model DV-7280EV) by Doktorvolt is equipped with a type A residual current device (RCD), an RCM module, and a C16A overcurrent circuit breaker, significantly increasing the safety level during electric vehicle charging. Additionally, the Mobile Wallbox is equipped with built-in charging control, enabling communication between the station and the connected vehicle. In case of detecting any error state, the charging process automatically shuts down, further enhancing safety during usage.