Surge protection is a device that protects against transient overvoltages by limiting the frequency and duration of the subsequent current. These devices are also known as lightning arresters, surge protectors or varistors. Surge arresters protect equipment connected to the mains and are also an essential part of the protection of solar installations.

Type 2 (T2 or class C) surge protectors are designed to discharge overvoltages that occur due to switching operations in a circuit (waveform 8/20 μs). Type 2 surge arresters are to be installed behind main power distribution boards (which also contain type 1 surge protection) of the distribution network, in sub-distribution boards (and in apartment buildings in distribution boards of the individual flats).

Application to protect the electrical equipment of a photovoltaic installation against surges
ochrony instalacji typu TN,TT przed napięciami indukowanymi, łączeniowymi, łączeniowymi oraz wywołanymi przez czynniki atmosferyczne
operation indicator green – protection

red – no protection

Protection class T2
Modules 3
Requirements T2
max. operating voltage Uc 1000 V DC
Test for current (8/20) In 20 kA
max. current (8/20) Imax 40 kA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 2 kV
Protection 32A
Line max. 35mm2
Execution varistor
Degree of protection IP20
Storage temperature from -30oC to +70oC
Operating temperature range from -30 to +50oC
Mounting DIN (TH/TS 35)
Standards CE, IEC61643-11
Brand Doktorvolt
Catalogue number DV-5095

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