June 2th, 2020

Management standards regulated by international organisations help to organize and improve the functioning of companies and organisations from internal aspects to cooperation with clients and other stakeholders. They are a testimony to stability, quality and organised operation. One of the internationally respected standards is ISO 9001:2015, which relates to company management.

The verification and confirmation of the company’s compliance with this standard is performed by relevant organisations with knowledge, experience and international authority. One of them is the German TÜV Süd, which has certified the design, manufacture and sale of construction, solar switchgears and extension cables at Doktorvolt in Malichów near Dobrodzien.

The document is a certificate of the implementation and application of the quality management system in the functioning of the company. It consists, among other things, of a process approach in action, orientation on added value at each stage of work, comprehensive activities related to customer service and interaction with the company environment. The adaptation of the system in question is the result of several years of hard work aimed at ensuring the highest quality of Doktorvolt products.

Celebrating the success, we do not forget about further work to maintain and continuously improve the functioning of the company. The system itself is audited at specific intervals, which is intended to motivate companies to continuous improvement. The TÜV Süd certificate is also a certificate of quality of Doktorvolt products, which are enthusiastically received by customers of the electrical installation industry in Poland and Western Europe.