September 10th 2018

On 10 September 2018, the 10th jubilee Economic Forum “Cooperation” took place in the restaurant “U Wąsińskich” in Olesno. Every year, the event brings leading business and local authorities from the Oleski region. During the forum, the history of cooperation of enterprises in the region was presented. There was also a debate about the level of advancement of the current cooperation, between companies and educational institutions educating qualifed employees.

During the event there was also a competition for the prize “Perły Powiatu Oleskiego 2018”. The prize is awarded annually for achievements in three areas: “MODERNIZACJA ROKU”(MODERNIZATION OF THE YEAR), “INNOWACYJNY PRODUKT/USŁUGA ROKU”(INNOVATIVE PRODUCT/SERVICE OF THE YEAR) and “MENEDŻER ROKU”(MANAGER OF THE YEAR). Doktorvot company received a nomination in second category for the construction of a modern warehouse.

The forum was an excellent opportunity to contact potential trade cooperation partners. The task of Doktorvolt is to support the development of the local environment, and cooperation with other market participants. Participation in events such as “COOPERATION” creates ideal conditions to fulfill the social mission of the company.