CV-CAMP power bollards designed for the distribution of electrical energy.

➡️ Features of the power bollards:

✔️ is equipped with 2 3P 230V camping sockets,

✔️ 4 230V sockets in schuko standard,

✔️ schuko sockets protected by earthing and residual current device.

socket manufacturer Mennekes
case manufacturer Doktorvolt
power sockets
number of sockets 230V 16A 4x 230V 16A 2p+E IP54 Schuko Typ 11011 Typ F Mennekes

protected by overcurrent circuit breakers SEZ:

4x C16A 10kA 1P

2x 16A 3P 230V IP44 Typ 1366 Mennekes

protected by overcurrent circuit breakers SEZ:

2 x C16A 10kA 1P SEZ VDE

protection against indirect contact 1x residual current circuit breaker

SEZ 40A 30mA 4P Typ A SEZ

distribution block XBS CSB 207 2×7 100A
connection rail 3-fazowa 9-modułowa 12mm2
rated voltage 230/400V AC 50Hz
rated current 40A
waterproof mean IP44
Icc ≤ 10kA
RDF 0,7
dimensions 170x36x24 cm
manufacturer Doktorvolt
symbol DV-2278-D
EAN 5907589332278

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