Elastic extension cord, for use in demanding conditions for example car workshops, construction sites, agricultural, mining and industrial equipment. Ideal for powering mobile devices. Cable Resistant to oils. For installation in dry and humid rooms, as well as on the outside and in water.

H07RN-F – harmonized wire (H), for the current voltage 450/750V (07), with insulation made of natural or synthetic rubber (R) and sheath of chloroprene rubber (N), with copper conductors made of thin wire (F).

nominal voltage 400V AC
section of the conductors 5x10mm2
cable type H07RN-F

(elastic OnPD, oil-resistant, medium mechanical loads)

plug and socket CEE waterproof plug  IP67 63A/5p 3P+Z+N 6h 230/400V~

CEE waterproof socket IP67 63A/5P 3P+Z+N 6h 230/400V~

protection degree IP67


In the set with extension cable self-adhesive band – velcro for fastening the cable.

Cable length 25m
Product code DV-2787-CEE-63
EAN 5905669992787

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