➡️ Wallbox EV Charger for safe charging of your electric vehicle within your own property. Extremely compact and easy to use.

✔️ Designed for AC charging up to 11 kW,

✔️ made with Type 2 socket standard (IEC 62196-2),

✔️ equipped with car communication controller and START/STOP button with LED charging status indication,

✔️ built-in RCD type A + RCM module.

➡️ Wallbox EV Charger DOKTOROLT®, equipped with:

✔️ Car charging socket Type 2 16A 5P without lock,,

✔️ charge controller,

✔️ START/STOP button with LED indicator light,

✔️ inspection window 12 modules..

✔️ PG16 cable gland for power cable connection.

Car charging
nominal load current 16A/400V AC
charging mode Mode-3
charging power 11 kW
vehicle connection charging socket Type 2 according to IEC 62196-2
Integrated equipment
smart charge controller Charging control that supports communication between the station and the connected car. Automatically disables the charging process in the event of an error
START/STOP button with LED indicator light Illuminated main switch with status indicator by flashing pulses
cable with connector Version with cord and permanently connected CEE 16A 400 V plug, cord 1m
Built-in protection
overcurrent protection C16A
residual current protection RCD type A + RCM module
Technical data of the housing:
housing dimensions (without sockets) 355 x 255 x 125 mm
housing material Plastic (suitable for outdoor use)
Front/rear panel colour grey/black
ambient temperature -20 °C ~ +50 °C
Protection against ingress of solid foreign objects and against water penetration IP44
Resistance to UV radiation yes
Stationary/mobile design Stationary
General information:
Manufacturer’s certificates and standards TÜV SÜD, ISO 9001:2015, CE, IEC 61439 EN 62196-2
Model DV-8706-EV
manufacturer’s serial number WALLBOX Doktorvolt
Producer Doktorvolt
EAN 5907589338706