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Mennekes Sockets

Product ideal for use in garage, workshop, construction sites, etc.

sockets manufacturer Mennekes
housing manufacturer Marlanvil
sockets amount 1 x 32A 5P 400V IP44 red Mennekes Type 3451

1 x 16A 5P 400V IP44 red Mennekes Type 1385

2 x 230V 16A 230V 2p+Z IP44 blue Mennekes type 11111 french Type E

cam switch cam switch 0-1 S40 JD 1104 A6 SEZ Krompachy
rated current 16A
rated voltage 230 / 400V AC
voltage frequency 50Hz
cable gland PG-16 ⌀10-14mm IP68 34.16 Elektro-Plast
housing hermetic enclousure 010.A.PL
protection degree IP44
RDF 0,8
housing dimensions 245x195x95mm
manufacturer code DV-9634-F
EAN 5903260279634